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Ooohhh... Check out these great pieces of PAN'S LABYRINTH concept art!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a bunch of cool shit for you to take a gander at. If you're at all like me, you've been drooling over the pics and trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's newest fantasy PAN'S LABYRINTH and are champing at the bit to see the movie.

Well, I have a ton of preproduction art for your perusal. If I was at a 9 in my anticipation, I'm now pulling a SPINAL TAP and am slowly turning up to 11. The art you're seeing below is by legend William Stout, who I was lucky enough to have met at Comic-Con last year. He's famous for his dinosaur work and in films he worked in production and/or art design on CONAN THE BARBARIAN, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (his art for the drippy zombie is iconic for us horror geeks), THE HITCHER, INVADERS FROM MARS and FIRST BLOOD.

Below you'll also find a bit from a French magazine called Mad Movies, where these pics were printed, that is a sort of summary of the text from our spy in Spain, mathesonlegends. Here's the good stuff! Enjoy!!!

Hi Harry,


I write you from Spain. Usually here few places get to release specialized magazines from other countries, but i have the luck that the place where i buy the newspaper everyday sells Mad Movies, a genre french magazine in the line of Fangoria.

This Month they had a long interview with Guillermo Del Toro about his upcoming spanish horror fairy tale " Pan´s Labyrinth " and a bunch of new pics along with some old released one were featured among its pages. Between the new ones we get the chance to get a sneek peek at the amazing art work of some of the creatures that will appear on the film, creatures which haven´t been seen on any picture released on the net yet. The rest of the article is composed by the interview with director Del Toro and his thoughts about the film. Most of it it´s about his insight on what good and evil is, the origins of the project ( this film was born even before "Cronos" but the expensive  budget it required made Del Toro to turn to the more modest vampire tale ) where he explains that in the beginning this film was about a married couple that buys a house on  the England country side, there the wife, pregnant, entered the garden´s labyrinth where she encounters the pan. After having a sex encounter with him, the pan proposes to keep her future new-born and sacrifice him in order to open up the labyrinth for her so she can run back to freedom, she refuses, knowing little after that if she would have accepted she would have been condemned to live with the monster for eternity. A more bleak, hard-edged and insane film than the one he ended up making ( go figure! more insane than the stuff we have benn seeing!).

We also get information about some ceatures that the studio is getting under secret until the released date and won´t be releasing any pics of it but Del Toro gives us a little insight on this and talks about a giant toad that has to be seen to be believed and a bunch of fairies that are as sensual as scary looking.

The article ends up with an interview to art director William Stout, if you guys don´t know who this guy is he is the man behind the concept art of the two Conan films, " The Return of the Living dead" and the upcoming "John Carter of Mars".

Stout talks about how he didn´t knew who Del Toro was until Frank Darabont introduced them at the Comic-con in San Diego, where Del Toro bought Stout one of his works intitled... "Hellboy at the Mountains of Madness" which he conceived for Hellboy Weird Tales. There the talk started and the mexican director asked Stout to work for 2 of his new projects one being the "Pan´s Labyrinth" and the other the adaptation of Lovecraft´s "In The Mountain of Madness". Stout seems the perfect man for this project as he claims he loves that novel and that he even went to the Antartic because of it, an expedition that left a deep impression on his persona and seems he handled art work for that project to Del Toro although claiming he fears the director will work fisrt on the sequel to Hellboy.


Hope you enjoy the pics and what i sent you if you post me call me mathesonlegends , once more sorry about possible mispellings and english errors.

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