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The Coming of GALACTUS?

Hey folks, Harry here... I've been rough on FOX and MARVEL recently. I admit that. I've been pretty damn mean to Brett Ratner on X-MEN 3, when... in reality, the reason that movie will probably blow ass like mexican food served on a soapy plate... well, it'll be due to Tom Rothman's utterly insane edict that the film be released this May, without proper pre-production or post-production time, nor the budget necessary to really do an A-level job across the board... Meanwhile, there's a bigger storm brewing. It concerns FANTASTIC FOUR 2. The rumors I've been hearing is that this will be Tim Story's version of sacred comic texts... FF 48, 49, 50.

Then I got an email from Masheen81, that this month's WIRED magazine reported that Keanu Reeves has been mentioned as the lead in a SILVER SURFER feature for Fox. Oddly, I feel that's perfect casting. And in tandem with the rumors about GALACTUS and the FF, it makes one wonder if they plan to introduce the Surfer as he should be introduced in an FF movie. Now, I know what you're thinking. The last FF film was fairly mediocre with a few bright spots. And I know that's my anticipation for X3, even if I would love to be handed a great film when we eventually see it. BUT - if Arad, Fiege, Rothman and crew are even thinking about doing FF 48, 49, 50... They're working with material that does get me supremely nervous. I got the following email today:

Hey Harry, When are we going to see a superhero movie like this? I just thought you might get a kick out of seeing this little Photoshop scene using a Galactus statue. Tom Woods

If... Fox doesn't produce images at least 20 times more powerful than what this 'fan' on his computer with Photoshop and a mass-produced statue can... they should just stop now. Cuz that shot, that's amongst the least powerful moments in that story arc. It is an EPIC film, not to be trifled with. To rush it, cut it short or half ass it would be a cinematic crime worthy of epic cursing and outrage and scorn. But the dream of what it could be. I really hope TIM STORY the best. I hope to God they nail it, but ya know... I just don't have a lot of faith, just a lot of hopes.

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