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New A SCANNER DARKLY Trailer Hits and effin' A this rocks the short hairs!

Hey folks, Harry here... This summer, this is the film I do believe I'm most looking forward to. I know there's X3 and SUPERMAN RETURNS and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 and tons of other enormous budgeted films... but A SCANNER DARKLY isn't like those films... it isn't quite like any film, it's sort of its own thing, and it is crafted by Richard Linklater, who is incredibly proud of this film. Warners has been pushing this back to meet demanding production time, so they could finish it, but also so they could craft the best possible marketing campaign... and each time they have... I've wanted to scream, cuz that just meant that it was getting further and further away from me getting to see it. I'm DYING to see this film. And that was before this latest trailer... which is KILLING me. I want to see this immediately! Just behold!

Prepare to scan A SCANNER DARKLY trailer!

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