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Sooper-Geenius Brett Ratner talks about making the last X-MEN film...

Hey folks, Harry here with a link from Eskimo Joe regarding the maestro Brett Ratner and his cue card reading ability and attempt at... "spin". I'm ecstatic to hear that all the images that have appeared online are apparently "test images" from before he ever came aboard the project. Though... I could have sworn that Kelsey Grammar was hired AFTER Ratner... and that those absolutely terrible images are just not a part of the film... although... oddly, several of the exact same images were provided to MTV's pop-up slideshow that appeared when I clicked on this article... apparently these were deemed passable, although they were released at the exact same time that all the others were too. I'm sure that's just one of those odd coincidences.

So - Let's make believe that all the terrible images are that "evil" Matthew Vaughn's fault, ok? And let's give the "Rat" his chance. Let's pretend, he's an incredibly bright and talented director that's going to blow Bryan Singer's X-MEN films completely out of the water with a film that will cause us all to orgasm with the power of Quicksilver's self-induced ejaculation. Ok? You all feeling that vibe? Brett's gonna make the greatest X-MEN film of all time, ok?

Cuz - he says this one is going to be the very last X-MEN film ever made. Sure we'll probably get a Wolverine spin-off movie, but we don't need anymore X-MEN films cuz this one he's making is going to be so fucking amazing, that you won't need to see another X-MEN flick ever again. Cool? Ain't it? Wow. I'm in Awe. Tom Rothman and Brett Ratner seem to be so fucking brilliant, that they know we just want one last X-MEN film where they'll most likely kill tons of characters and render the series incapable of continuing. This could have been, at Fox, a series that could continue FOREVER. If contracts for actors became a problem, don't kill them, just write around them, and then bring them back when they're price got out of hand... or re-cast the part like JAMES BOND.

Of course... is this really the LAST X-MEN film? No, it's just a really pathetic attempt to make this limp dick seem worth a ride. Here's the link to check it for yourself...

Here is the awful truth from the comic book movie anti-christ himself... Go On, Let Your Brain Bleed... Eskimo Joe

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