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Every new image I see from SILENT HILL makes me love it more and more...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a fuckin' gruesome and badass image from Christophe Gans' adaptation of the survivalist horror video game SILENT HILL. Those familiar with the game will recognize ol' Pyramid Head... I can't tell you how giddy I am for this film. Something just seemed right about Roger Avary and Christophe Gans collaborating on this project and I'm hoping they'll be the first to really show the world that video game movies aren't automatically crap, that it really is up to talented writers and directors to make a good movie... just as it is in any adaptation. A shitty writer/director can take a great book and turn it into a shitty movie. The same can be applied to video games.

Anyway, our good friends (and gore fanatics) over at Bloody-Disgusting had a link to this site,, that had the image, but that site seems to now have a blank page. I gots the image, though , so check below for the pointy-headed evil bastard and that poor... uh... human?... that met up with him!

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