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LEXX series promotional artwork (includes image, obviously)

Glen here…

There’s a get-together called MIPCOM. It’s a big TV thingie. A convention / make-a-deal / work-things-out kind of soiree.

This is how the forthcoming television series based on 4 LEXX television movies (aka TALES FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE) is / was represented at MIPCOM. That’s the Lexx in the picture below. That’s also what the show is called - LEXX. See, the series is named after the big bio-space ship named Lexx. Lexx is hovering over MIPCOM. But in the new series, Lexx doesn’t really go to MIPCOM. That’s just a cool advertisement scheme.

The LEXX TV-movies were perverse, dopey, weird, and really quite cool in a sexy sort of way. Here’s how they’re plugging the new series - which will lose lead Eva Habermann *very* early into the show. Too bad that has to happen, she was quite an…agreeable…presence.

LEXX should begin airing sometime in the first quarter of 1999.

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