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Martin Scorsese and THE RISE OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT? Somewhere, Milius fumes...

Hey folks, Harry here... Leonardo DiCaprio as a young Theodore Roosevelt... honestly, I can't see it... but then I never saw Leo as Howard Hughes and Scorsese and him knocked that sucker out of the park. I just want Leo to get Scorsese to direct that Johnny Eck script he has sitting around... or to make Richard Kelly's adaptation of CAT'S CRADLE which is utterly mind blowing. Ok, here ya go with a few tidbits from Pookie...

Hey there, I've been a long time reader and am pretty excited to finally have something to contribute to the site. You actually posted a review I did of FUN WITH DICK & JANE a few months back but everyone in the talkback thought I was a plant, so it kinda bummed me out. But this time, I think I have something a little more interesting and something that I cannot be berated for on the talkbacks. I don't know if its much of a scoop or anything but I check the site very frequently and haven't seen much on it as of yet. Enough jibber jabber, here it is.

My mother works as a curator for Manhattan Sites, which is a government run department thats basically deals with all the museums and sites of historical significance in New York City. Well anyway, one of the sites that she oversees is, what she commonly refers to as TRB, or Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace. So at dinner today, my mom, who is not very knowledgable about films, mentioned something about Martin Scorsese. I usually dismiss most of what my mom says because most of the time it has something to do with "pick up my pants" or "brush my teeth," but this time my ears perked up. Last time my mom talked about something like this, I was able to go down to her job and got to meet Robert Deniro and Angelina Jolie during filming of THE GOOD SHEPHERD. Even though Angelina didn't seduce me like I fantasized, it was an awesome experience and would love to have a similar opportunity. I started barraging my mother with questions and managed to get a some info out of her. What it boils down to is that Martin Scorsese is going to be directing a film about the life of Teddy Roosevelt, titled "THE RISE OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT" and they will be filming for a month or two, in the near future, at the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace. I also learned that Theodore Roosevelt will be played by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. I checked on IMDB to read about it and it only credited DiCaprio as a producer, but my mom told me that indeed, it is a fact that he will be playing young Teddy. As soon as I heard this, I made my mother promise to take me with her a few days to meet them or at least watch them work. RAGING BULL and BASKETBALL DIARIES are two films I love and I am looking forward to watching this movie be made. My mother is pretty important over there so I'm sure she will be on set frequently and this will be worthwhile.

So, thats my story. If you want to use anything from it, thats up to you guys over at AICN, I just thought I should send it in just in case. When I do go, I'll try to get some more information on whats going on or some reactions to what they're doing. I love when guys send in those secret photos from the set, so that's definetly something I'll try to do also. Anyway, I hope this e-mail was wasn't a big waste of your time and you guys got something useful out of it. Keep up the good work.


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