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X3... It's about singing heroin addicted gay mutants in a New York neighborhood with AIDS? Now with Valentines!

Harry here with another quick fun thing. Glengary Glen Brad did this up real quick. See, that's all it was really missing.

Harry here with a quick fun thing. AICN reader and talkbacker - ModLight - made these up in honor of the upcoming February 14th holiday... had to share...

Hey folks, Harry here... wasn't planning on having anymore awfulness for you from this movie, but sometimes... it is a river of shit. It seems that FOX has decided to sell X3 as a mutant version of RENT. Here, check it out:

Don't you love that BEAST one in the pink leather? It is so dashing. Ahem. I can't believe how bad this looks.

Ok, not exact... but certainly evocative of the RENT posters. Only not executed as well. I guess my problem with the X3 poster stuff we have above is that they're terrible poses, very unheroic... and I get that the theme of this film is a downer story, but the posters just look limp. There's nothing about them that make you think... BADASS! There's nothing mythic or awesome about them. And they're just bad photographs and compositions. Do you think Sony is gonna put out a shit SPIDER-MAN 3 poster? Not bloody likely.

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