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LADY VENGEANCE is coming soon for you!

Hey folks, Harry here with a trailer for one of this past year's BNAT films... LADY VENGEANCE, the final film in Chan Wook Park's vengeance trilogy. And for some, it may very well end up being his best. It just depends on you. For example - right now, off a single viewing, I don't know where it lines up with the other two, which I've seen many many times. However, it builds dramatically and with a precision that's hauntingly exact. There's an image in the film that haunts me in the pit of my gut like nothing I believe I've ever seen before. In the end, it really just sort of blew me completely away. I like the direction that Tartan is taking with the film in terms of its marketing... like this new trailer which was crafted for the British market... Very nice. Here, check it out...

Click Here To Check Out LADY VENGEANCE's Trailer!

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