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Guillermo Del Toro set to direct KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROW!!!

Hey Folks, Harry here... With Revolution Studio's distribution deal still a question mark with Sony, it seems that as of right now there's some question as to what Guillermo Del Toro will be doing next. HELLBOY 2 is at Revolution, which has frozen production past the 13 announced titles to be distributed under the existing deal with Sony, so... Until Revolution gets that straightened out, Guillermo may have a wait on his hands before bringing us that film. Given we haven't heard anything additional about Guillermo and HALO, I'd have to say that isn't looking good anymore. And in today's Variety - they are announcing that Guillermo is in final negotiations with NEW LINE CINEMA to make the film KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROW. Here's what Variety said...

New Line acquired "Killing on Carnival Row," a spec script by tyro scribe Travis Beacham, last fall in a preemptive bid. Story's set in a Victorian city inhabited by humans, faeries, elves and vampires, with a detective pursuing a serial killer.

Ok? Well they also called it a "futuristic fantasy thriller" - which in Guillermo speak means... A Victorian Technological Phantasmagorical Horror film. Because... well, Guillermo turns everything into a horror film. The glorious giddy Guillermo simply is wired no other way. With this being set in a Victorian City -- Guillermo will inevitably work out some of his demons from not getting to make LIST OF SEVEN... I'm betting that this will be one of the sicker serial killers around... and that his faeries and elves won't be nice blonde pretty people, but the scarier variety of those fantasy races. And Vampires... well I bet they're pretty damn vicious vampires. Sounds pure Del Toro through and through. Can't wait to find out more. Just curious if this is the immediate dish before Guillermo, but rather a post HELLBOY 2 affair. And when the hell do we get AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS!?!?!?!?!

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