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RUNNING SCARED's Online Game... Finger Licking Good? Not Office Safe!

Hey folks, Harry here... With that posting of the BASIC INSTINCT 2 footage, you might've thought I was scrapping the bottom of the barrell in terms of cinematic sleaze... and you could very well be right. No matter what though, the folks at New Line cinema have the highest standards of good taste, they know that real men practice getting their women off and need a game to hone their skills that they first learned about from my BLADE II review. That's right, for their online game... You get to play PAUL WALKER going down on his wife... and the object is to eat her to orgasm! Make her arch her back and beg you to stop. WHAT THE FUCK? I'm serious. They really made a game over there that requires you to hit your arrow keys to emulate eating pussy. This is obviously what the internet was meant for. Right?

Now, I have to say... Paul Walker's wife is the easiest woman in the world to get off... because for one... there's a fucking yellow arrow guide to how to get her off... Personally, this part of the game should have taken longer and been first person perspective instead of staring at the back of Paul Walker's head... and you should have had to listen, locate the clit, alternated between light licking and aggressive licking... get some fingers involved, maybe hum a bit here and there, slow down, speed up... and then upon reaching orgasm, push her further into multiple orgasms and until she begs you to stop... only then have you really passed this level. But what the hell... right? That's for the real world, not this cyber stuff. Heh.

So. You wanna eat out Paul Walker's Wife in this film? Here's how to do it. Go to RunningScaredTheMovie.Com Click on the game thing, choose mature content... enter that info so they know you're at least claiming to be an adult... then your cheat code to get to Paul Walker's wife is "yugorsky" - you've got to drive home first, but right after that, you get to go down on Paul Walker's wife... So guys... gals... do your tongue exercises and get to it! Oh - here's some screenshots to inspire you!

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