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BASIC INSTINCT 2 naughty footage erupts online

Hey folks, Harry here... The following link leads you to footage of Ms Sharon Stone - full frontal and more from BASIC INSTINCT 2. There's sex, gore and car stunts aplenty. Looming ice pick shots, lots of shots of her spread eagle in chairs, then there's all the stuff of a car driving real fast, lesbian scenes and more. Yes, that's right - this footage is probably not very work friendly. Unless, you're the boss. Or have your own office and headphones. And if you're under 18 - don't you dare click below. Cuz you need to grow up first! Go watch something violent, and wait for the sex stuff till you're older. How does this look? Cheesy as hell. I can't wait to see it though, looks like it could be glorious trash!!! Thanks to A.M. for the link...

Click here to go get your sleazy BASIC INSTINCT footage, thanks to RopeOfSilicon.Com!!!

For an alternative take on this show reel, with a certain Benny Hill flavor... go here!

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