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Amanda Peet Named President of UBS!! Sorkin's Seven Is Now 60!!

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Amanda Peet in rejoining “Whole Ten Yards” co-star Matthew Perry. According to Nellie Andreeva’s Friday-morning scoop in The Hollywood Reporter, she’ll play UBS network president Jordan McDeere in genius dramatist Aaron Sorkin’s backstage-at-faux-SNL hourlong, which NBC premieres this autumn.

You can read all about “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” (formerly “Studio 7 on the Sunset Strip”) here.

Four other actors have just taken roles, according to the report. For those keeping track, here’s where the casting currently stands:

Matt Albie, new “Studio 60” head writer: MATTHEW PERRY (“Friends”)
Danny Moore, new “Studio 60” showrunner: STILL UNCAST
Wes Mendel, exiled “Studio 60” creator: STILL UNCAST

Harriet Hayes, “Studio 60” star: STILL UNCAST
Tom Jeter, “Studio 60” star: NATHAN CORDDRY (“The Daily Show”)
Simon Stiles, “Studio 60” star: D.L. HUGHLEY (“The Hughleys”)

Wilson White, UBS corporate overlord: STILL UNCAST
Jack Rudolph, UBS chairman: STEVEN WEBER (“Wings”)
Jordan McDeere, UBS president: AMANDA PEET (“Syriana”)

Jerry Jones, “Studio 60” censor: Michael Stuhlbarg (Broadway’s “The Pillowman”)
Ron Oswald, “Studio 60” hack: EVAN HANDLER (“Sex and the City”)
Ricky Beck, “Studio 60” hack: CARLOS JACOTT (“Fun With Dick and Jane”).

Joss Whedon fans will note that Jacott is a Mutant Enemy fave, having played key roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” 3.1 (“Anne”), “Angel” 1.7 (“The Bachelor Party”), and the two-hour “Firefly” pilot (“Serenity”).

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