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Virginia Madsen to play the latest Indiana Jones Sweetie?

Hey folks, Harry here... seems that Virginia Madsen made Harrison take notice and he's hoping she plays his love in the next Indiana Jones film. Personally, I think that's a really great choice as Madsen is an absolutely fantastic actress. Here ya go...


Madsen Favorite To Play Indiana Jones' Girl

Sideways star Virginia Madsen so impressed co-star Harrison Ford in new thriller Firewall, she's now the frontrunner to play his love interest in the fourth Indiana Jones adventure. Madsen plays Ford's wife in the new movie and admits they both found an unusual chemistry on set - after the ageing action man handpicked her for the role. And now Madsen is a clear favorite to play the leading lady in Indiana Jones 4.

Ford : "She was an absolute delight - professional, very talented and simply, very sweet. She also took what could have been a fairly one-dimensional damsel in distress role and added so many layers to it - there isn't many who could do that. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat. I'm actually hoping she'll come over for Indiana Jones. We've talked about it."

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