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UPDATED: Rodriguez & Tarantino's GRIND goes homeless? Zombies, Slashers and Cowgirls in Sweden?

Hey Folks - Harry here... Rodriguez contacted me to say that VARIETY got the story wrong. The film will continue to be called GRINDHOUSE... and his part isn't... PLANET TERROR, but PROJECT TERROR. Sigh... damn mainstream press... just a bunch of rumors they pull off the fucking internet. Heh. What an incestuous world eh?

Hey folks, Harry here... In the history of Austin cinema... there's only been one film that I've wished to be on the set of more than Tarantino & Rodriguez's GRINDHOUSE... and that's the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE... just had to settle for the crew partying at my house - all those years ago. You can bet your bottom dollar though that I'll get my ass on this set. In particular... I want to be there for every glorious second of the shooting of COWGIRLS IN SWEDEN, the fictional sexploitation trailer being shot especially for the film. Variety is running a story today announcing that the title is being changed to simply "GRINDHOUSE" instead of the previously announced "GRINDHOUSE" -- and that Rodriguez's section will be titled PROJECT TERROR and would be a Zombie pic - btw this is something that Robert has been tooling and retooling for the last 8 years. Trust me, it kicks unholy ass! And Quentin's section will be DEATH PROOF which will be a variation on the Slasher genre. This is gearing up here in Austin and its cast is a closely guarded secret at this point... We'll have to wait and see! This and that damn SIN CITY 2 just can't get here soon enough for me... and I wonder... did Robert really talk to Angelina Jolie about starring in A DAME TO KILL FOR... I know she's certainly a dame most any of us would kill for! Damn that Brad!

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