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Damn I want these PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST toys Right Now Dammit!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Another of my IM buddies... John Robie, while checking email - got sent these from that scourge of the internet, the Yatterling... who got em from the swingingest dick to ever surf the scruvy nets of the world wide web... that's right the famed Ryan! Well, he managed to get these early this afternoon, but me being busy with daydreaming of bliss... just now am getting around to putting them up for you. THESE RULE! Best action figure creatures in a damn long time. But then, there's only one thing better than undead pirates.. and that's barnacle festooned monster pirates! FUCKING A! How many of you got a shelf with their names on it waiting for these babies?

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