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Jack Horner on the state of JURASSIC PARK 4!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with a little bit of info that purportedly came from an encounter with Dinosaur hunting guru - Jack Hunter. Basically all the info on JURASSIC PARK 4 we know, but the cool thing that I hadn't heard of was this feature length 3D thing that apparently Jack Horner is working on. And I really really want to hear more about that. Is that the dream of what DINOSAURS was supposed to be, before they started to fucking talk? We'll see. Also - way cool on the 3D JURASSIC PARK thing. Here ya go...

Jack Horner confirmed what I had read previously, involving genetically engineered dinosaurs that ended up looking very human-like. He gave us the example of the concept of the troodon-human, an idea in paleontology that if the dinosaurs had not died, they would have evolved to become more human-like. This is the only picture I can find of it right now ( Troodon ). He told us that the reason JP4 had not moved forward sooner was that Steven Spielberg had rejected the screenplay that he and Joe Johnston had written. He then said that he was working on a new screenplay with Joe that he thinks Steven would like better.

He then mentioned that he is currently working on a feature length, fully 3D movie that would be a tour of Montana 75 million years ago, going from the ocean to the mountains. I asked if this would be shown at IMAX theaters, and he said that it could be, but was intended as one of the early releases for the new 3D theaters being built across the country, and that they were working on making the JP movies into 3D. I had heard of this project with the Star Wars franchise, but I didn't realize it was going to be so widespread so soon.

I know most of this is either old or not news worthy, but I wanted to pass it along.

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