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Because you demanded it... ALIEN VS PREDATOR 2...

Hey folks, Harry here with a report straight from the maw of Rothman. You know what happens when a painfully mediocre film based on a great concept makes a little money at Fox? They set out to make an even worse hunk of mediocrity. So... set off the confetti cannons - another nail in ALIENS and PREDATORS' coffins is being hammered...

At the premiere for Big Mommas House 2, Tom Rothman, Head of Fox spoke about X Men 3, but what is also of note is his comments below on the AVP 2 film. According to SKNR.Net who first reported reported months ago that a film was coming and that it would have a contemporary setting according to Rothman based on the planned script, well thanks to The Movie Reporter and their exclusive interview, the news below seems to confirm this.

Q: AvP 2 any development there?

TR: Yeah, uh, Hutch would know actually better but I think they just got the script, they just got the script in...we are making that movie, it's gonna be kick ass (smiles).

Q: How soon?

TR: We're hoping for August of 2007 release. That's what we hope.

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