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We have more X3 pics for ya'! Give 'em a look!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a couple new pics from X3 courtesy of our humble and kind spy "Ur A Loser." I haven't seen these pop up anywhere else, yet, so this may be super special story! Anyway, you get a full look at Juggernaut's front... which is a little worrying. I'm hoping they'll touch up those muscle suit wrinkles with CG before the film hits theaters. I could see something like that ending up really distracting. I must say I like the arms, though, so it's not a total botch-job in my eyes. The second pic is of Colossus and Rogue taking a breather during a battle. I sure hope we get more steel Colossus than we did in X2. I'm expecting to see the big shiny lug smashing some heads. Anyway, here are the pics! Enjoy!

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