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Lucas firms up the date for the year he hopes to perhaps have INDIANA JONES 4 ready!

Hey folks, Harry here... Don't you love George Lucas? I do too. In an apparent press release, that comes on the heels of Harrison Ford's ultimatum about when he's got to do another Indiana Jones adventure... Lucas has come out saying that he hopes to give us the next INDIANA JONES adventure in... 2007. That's comforting. I'm glad that they are continuing to write and write and write and write and write and write. Having just read Frank Darabont's amazing script for Stephen King's MIST - I just can't imagine that his script wasn't... instantly ready to shoot. I mean. He really is that good. Oh well - has the full story - so go over and break out the #2 pencil and put INDIANA JONES 4 - somewhere randomly in 2007. Cool? Awesome!

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