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Paul Thomas Anderson is back with THERE WILL BE BLOOD! Rejoice!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with possibly the best news of the new year. I love my Paul Thomas (not WS) Anderson movies. I really do. I find my circle quoting MAGNOLIA ("Stay outta my Mutha-Fuckin' Closet! That ain't mine!") and BOOGIE NIGHTS a lot and I was absolutely smitten with PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE... I dug the hell out of HARD EIGHT as well... but all that aside, Hollywood Reporter just ran a story that says Paul Thomas Anderson is in negotiations with Paramount (Classics?) and Miramax who are planning a team-up on a script of his called THERE WILL BE BLOOD.

And no, we're not getting a Paul Thomas Anderson helmed addition to the SAW franchise... Anderson's film is set turn of the century and follows an oil prospector (to be played by Daniel Day-Lewis) as oil just starts to become a much more necessary commodity in the every day life of the human race. One of the producers said it is about "family, greed, religion and oil." It also seems that Anderson has been working on this script for years.

I'm anxious to see this one get made. Any movie being greenlighted with Paul Thomas Anderson writing and directing is good news... at least in my book it is! What do you think?

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