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Don't get Mulder angry... you wouldn't like him when he's angry...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a juicy one... Our own Latauro, he of Downunder royalty, sent us a report where it seems that Vice Chairman of Marvel, Peter Cuneo, was doing a radio interview very recently where he dropped the following bomb about the (direct to video) HULK sequel:

I just got this sent in from regular scooper "Lennox". Vice Chairman of Marvel, Peter Cuneo was being interviewed by AOL's Motley Fool Radio Team (yikes... who exactly signed off on that name?) and said that Bana has pulled out of the sequel.

Strange... I was fairly sure that Bana was contracted for at least one more SMASH. Maybe he was only contracted for a theatrical sequel. According to Mr Cuneo, the Artist Forever Known As Poider pulled out of the film when he discovered it was going to be direct-to-DVD.

Says Cuneo, "The Hulk did $250 million worldwide box office, which is a huge box office, and as you may recall, we had tremendous success with our toy line, which was a complete sell-out, over $100 million worldwide."

Great. So who's going to play Bruce? He claims David Duchovny will take over the role, as DD is a huge fan of Hulk. (Note: calling him DD was a ploy to suggest he might end up in another Marvel franchise... okay, now I'm making it up.)

David Duchovny as Bruce Banner? Yeah, I can see it. If I squint hard enough.

Actually, Duchovny might be more accurate to the comic book version of Bruce Banner than Bana was... This being Direct-To-Video doesn't inspire confidence on my part, however I still really like David Duchovny and am rather curious about seeing him in the purple pants. What about you?

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