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TRANSFORMERS - ILM footage is BS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Was offline for a bit due to some technical issues - but back now. Just got off the phone with Michael Bay regarding the "alleged" TRANSFORMERS ILM test that popped up online. Straight from the man himself, it's bullshit. The tests that they are doing right now are far more complicated and detailed... it isn't about the transformations so much as it is about getting the Transformers to act and to emote, cuz that'll be the deciding factor on whether or not this movie gets made. So where are they? Michael tells me that they've been drawing and storyboarding for 6months, and that they're hammering away at the third act on the script. When he was very first being tied to this, he felt he kinda didn't want to do it, but after all this work he feels that he's found a really cool film that kids and Transformers fans are going to really get behind. As for when we'll get a peek - the films got to be greenlit first, and it isn't quite there yet, so keep your fingers crossed and we'll get our TRANSFORMERS movie!

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