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UPDATED! Hrmm... fake leaked ILM test footage for TRANSFORMERS is online...

Harry here... FOOTAGE IS FAKE - Story Is Here

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a look at something that is pretty cool. There are dozens of sites out there now hosting this purportedly leaked ILM test footage for the upcoming big screen adaptation of TRANSFORMERS. I've been watching it all day... there's something that strikes an odd chord with me with the footage. It looks polished and it also certainly looks legit to me... but I'm thrown. There are sprocket holes in this obviously snuck footage. If it's being projected we would never see the sprocket holes and if it was being played digitally on some sort of playback we wouldn't see them then, either.

Fake or real, the footage is pretty sweet. Not as cool as that dancing VW Bug Transformers-esque commercial that hit the net a year or so ago, but cool nonetheless. These are the two primary links so far... but they may change as the studios get wise to 'em, so keep an eye out in talkback for further links (tiny URL, please...)

As far as I can tell the leaked footage started here, but I couldn't get this to work on my Mac...

This link comes from "Booyotch" and is Rapid Share... you'll have to jump through hoops, but you'll get the footage in MPEG format downloaded onto your computer...

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