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After his romp with Puny Parker, Sam Raimi has a date with THE WEE FREE MEN!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Sorry for the late updating, but late last night I had to run about 3 hours outside Austin with some friends who had a family emergency. Hospitals suck, especially those overflowing with the sick, where there aren't enough beds so the waiting room is filled with the moaning ill.

After a little bit of sleep I tried the theoretical wireless internet here at my friend's mom's house and it worked. I went straight away to the trades to see if I missed anything due to my being away and sure enough last night/this morning news of Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN follow-up hit.

The film is an adaptation of a Terry Pratchett "young adult" book called THE WEE FREE MEN, about a 9 year old girl who longs to become a witch and finds herself a mentor after her brother is stolen away to the land of faerie. She flips over to this faerie land and goes to rescue her brother with the help of the titular WEE FREE MEN, a race of small, blue tattooed people.

My immediate reaction is I wish Sam Raimi was doing an adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub's THE TALISMAN if he's going to be making a fantasy about flipping to an alternate world in order to rescue a family member. However, I have not read Pratchett's book and it has nothing but praise on the user comments board over at Amazon. Everybody says it's hysterical, which would put it right smack dab into Sam Raimi's talents as a filmmaker. Fantasy and comedy. He can do 'em well. Now if only he'd cast Bruce Campbell as all the wee free men and we'd have a whole movie with little evil Ashs running around...

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