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Now we've got Zach Snyder's Production Diary of Frank Miller's 300!

Hey folks, Harry here - I love the Zone - it does a certain amount of "scout" work for us. Take Braniac's post alerting folks to Zach Snyder's Production Diary going live! Sure enough - there it is.

My understanding is that Zach is going to be making a very stylized version of 300, very much like how Robert Rodriguez handled Frank Miller's SIN CITY. I'll be damned, but they look just like the illustrations. I don't know about you, but I fucking love 300. In many ways it is my favorite thing Miller has done this side of DARK KNIGHT RETURNS series. And one day - the gods will smile and unleash that epic onto a screen.

And Santa Claus will bring me 7 Swedish Beer Babes this Christmas. Sigh.

But we were talking about the 300 - and folks - this looks great. Is it possible that Gerard Butler can be badass in a film? I know Moriarty has cursed the man as being doomed to mediocrity for all times - but that's more of a standing dare. Whenever we're hard on a seemingly talentless hack - it's because we dare to want more than the shit they're shoveling.

I have to say - Butler looks fantastic in this first Diary - first off - he's ripped. Second - I love the ferocity in his voice and eyes. And I love those Frank Miller Helmets. I want one! Too cool. I really dug Zach's DAWN OF THE DEAD - it is its own thing and I think it showed quite a bit of promise and hope for the young filmmaker. I really do hope he nails 300. This does look promising.

Click Here To Get The First Production Diary for 300!

Now the rest of the site has cool stuff too - like these early composites to give you an idea how the green screen work is gonna transform. Look:

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