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Drop Your Drawers! A SILENT HILL Teaser Is Here!

"Moriarty" here with a quick correction. This is not the teaser trailer for the film SILENT HILL. Instead, it's an animated tease done just for the website. As I understand it, Sony's still working on the teaser trailer, and as soon as that's available, we'll make sure to give you a peek at it. For now, I whole-heartedly echo Harry's enthusiasm for Christophe Gans, and I want to see what he's been up to. Anyway... here's the original article:

Hey folks, Harry here... The Teaser Trailer for Christophe Gans' SILENT HILL is here and goddamn does it look exactly like a film I want to see. Gans will emerge as one of the big directors one day, I'm positive about that, and SILENT HILL might be that gateway film for him. I know I very much look forward to the point where Gans can make any film he wants. His vision is one I'd love to see given to his grandest dreams as a filmmaker. This movie can't get here soon enough...

Hey Harry,

Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you that the Silent Hill teaser trailer is out. Looks to be amazing and I'll be damned if it doesn't look exactly like the game. Check it out. It'll have you shivering (the good kind) in no time. By the way, this was told to me by "First" at That's where the credit's due. Enjoy!

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