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Under 42 Hours Til BNAT 7: Standby Tickets, Attendee instructions, Rules & Regulations.

Hey BNATTERS and Would-be BNATTERS, your master of ceremonies is here, Harry, with that last informative plug regarding BNAT prior to the day of posting of the "alternate festival line-up". So - what do you get to see? You know better than to ask that. Heh. But I will say the ratio this year is 7 new, 5 old. As of right now, prints have begun their BNAT migration - literally from around the world. In fact one print has at least 25 hours of flying to do to get here. Cuz, it's the only print in existence in the world, right now. I love things like that.

First: Standby Attendees...

Your chances are pretty darn good this year. Unless floods of folks show up for the standby line. The lining up will take place at 10am stretching towards the parking lot - south of the Drafthouse. There's no need to arrive earlier than that. You'll need your sleep and your rest. This year, I left a cushion between seats and pre-sell seats for Guests of the BNAT, and while certainly some of those seats have been filled - there's a good amount left for you. The way it is going to be handled - to eliminate "favortism" or "elitism" in terms of who from the standby line gets in is this. Each person in the line will be given a raffle ticket. They will then be drawn beginning (estimation) around 11:30-11:40am - giving you plenty of time to purchase your ticket, go through security and get your goodies and seat. You folks may want to bring an ass cushion as the folks drawn later in the process will most likely end up in folding chairs. Which can get a bit brutal on da buttocks.

Second: Paid Attendees...

First off - Thank you for taking care of everything early. It helps us to take care of some of the expenditures that make this fest so dang special. Your line will be out by the curb stretching North from the Box Office Area. That's towards 5th Street. This line will be let in first. Since all the seating is reserved, there's no reason to freak out and get there earlier. The first bags aren't more special than the later bags, so just chill. Be calm. You're in like Flint. (only he doesn't have a ticket, so technically that's wrong) This line will begin letting in at 11am or slightly before.

Third: Chosen Attendees - who have yet to pay for their tickets...

I totally understand. Some of you don't have credit cards to do the online ticket sales process of the Drafthouse, and don't live domestically here in Austin. Don't sweat it. Your line will begin up against the building starting at the box office window. Which should be open beginning 10:30am - you can purchase your ticket and then get to the back of the Paid Attendees line, allowing the unpaid attendees behind you to get their tickets and move along..

Fourth: Rules & Regulations...

1. No outside food or beverages. The Drafthouse has an extensive cool menu or real food. And it's how they're able to afford to do this event. Please tip your wait-staff... they work harder on this day than any other.

2. No Electronics (other than pacemakers) - This means no Cel Phones, P.D.A.s, Computers, Still Cameras, Digital Cameras. If you have someone that needs to contact you in case of an emergency call the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown at (512) 476-1320... They will get the message to you. Relax - Be Cool - You're at BNAT! - The main reason is to avoid a series of lenghty security checks which drain the life out of the audience, which I'm hoping to avoid this year. I think you would agree.

3. Try to keep what you're bringing down to a minimum. Birthday gifts are welcome and should be placed on the stage against the screen. But try not to bring a ton of stuff. If you want a shirt change - you'll have a couple in your gift bag. Some folks bring fuzzy slippers and pajamas - that's fine. Just remember to just help us get through security as fast as possible.

Fifth: Factoids...

Is there a pre-party Friday night?

Yes. It is for BNATTERS - and I know all your faces - No crashing it. It will be at PEDAZO CHUNK (2009 South First Street across from POLVOS - great Mexican food) from 5pm - 10pm (remember get your rest) It will be catered and will have BEER - other sodas should be bought from our gracious hosts at PEDAZO.

Can I help with Bag Stuffing?

Well Maybe. This will be done at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar (1120 South Lamar) from 11am - 4pm. You're more than welcome to come and help out, but if we get too many helpers we will ask the excess non-helpers to leave, because there's a point in volunteer work where there's not enough tasks for the volunteers. But we could need your help!

I'm Coming To Town Early, How Do I Hook Up With Other BNATTERS?

Well there's The MYSPACE group then there's the The LIVE JOURNAL group and then there's those in The ZONE. And then check out the talkbacks below for folks to hook up with. I know some BNATTERS are planning on seeing NARNIA this Friday - but I don't know the details for y'all.

Well - I believe that's all I have for you folks right now.

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