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First WEST WING Since 11/6!! (Beware Mammoth Spoilers!!)

I am – Hercules!!

Everybody (including, apparently, producer John Wells) is talking about this season of “The West Wing” like it’s its last.

Page seven of the current edition of TV Guide suggests Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe) will be back for the final installment, and so perhaps might series creator Aaron Sorkin, who is returning to NBC next season “Studio 7,” his faux-SNL backstage show.

Tonight’s episode of “Wing” will be the first since the live debate episode from way back on Nov. 6. If you were thinking the Santos-Vinick race would have concluded by now, you were thinking wrong. The campaign will continue to stretch at least into January – so maybe the last show (or next-to-last show) deals with Jed Bartlet’s last day in office?

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