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After SUPERMAN?? After LOGAN'S RUN?? Bryan Singer Wants To Make A STAR TREK!!

I am – Hercules!!

The rest of the Ain’t It Cool editors are probably busy prepping for their 24 hours of sequestation at the Alamo Drafthouse next weekend, so I’m sneaking over to the movie side to relay what “X-Men”-“Superman Returns” director Bryan Singer told SciFi Wire’s Patrick Lee at a Nov. 30 screening of Singer’s new SciFi miniseries “The Triangle”:

"We're huge Trekkies. And we've always talked about what we would do, and what would I do, if I were to make a film in that universe."

"Again, you know, it's the same thing: X-Men, Superman, Logan's Run, all these things: There are these incredible universes, really," Singer said, adding: "You kind of wish you could play in them all. I mean, I got to do a cameo in the last Star Trek film; that was a thrill. I got to be on the Enterprise when it was under attack."

As for what he would do in his version of a Star Trek movie? "[That's] a longer story," he said. "It would involve ... it would be big. It would be very big."

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