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This 'Devil' & 'Hell' Director has just earned his HALO!

Hey folks, Harry here... The news hit IESB early in the pre-dawn hours of today, but it's news I've been waiting on for over a month now to break. I suppose if Peter Jackson is publicly talking about it, it's fine. Last I heard, Guillermo Del Toro was leaving about 2 weeks ago to meet with Peter in Wellington to talk about HALO. Universal and Peter Jackson have been courting Del Toro for over two months now. As of now, I haven't heard if Guillermo is officially signed yet, but he's probably pretty darn close. There were two stumbling blocks that could possibly dislodge the deal. #1 - Guillermo had to like PETER JACKSON - whom he hadn't really met yet. I told Guillermo that he'd end up marrying Peter Jackson, as the only people that seem to dislike Peter are idiot Talkbackers that hate all rotund people. Even if Peter is no longer of that "caste" system. And #2 - Had to do with HELLBOY 2. Guillermo loves HELLBOY, like you love your porn. There had been a third stumbling block - they wanted to have Guillermo start shooting in like March, but Guillermo wants to be available to support the release of his latest gothic fairy tale. They moved the start date back to June to accomadate him. SO - I would say - the only thing that could stop HALO from happening under his direction - would be HELLBOY 2. Personally, I really hope this happens. Why? #1 - Guillermo hooking up with Weta and Peter Jackson is a very very good thing, and could be the start of a relationship that could eventually pay Lovecraft dividends with IN THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS that must must must be made with WETA! So for now, consider this a confirmed rumor that Guillermo is at the very least in serious talks, that are very very close to being finalized. I guess I should find out what HALO is.

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