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God Bless You, Everyone! Looks Like Romero'll get to do 'ROAD' OF THE DEAD, sequel to LAND OF THE DEAD!

Hey folks, Harry here... Ah, happy days! Ya know, Americans that have gotten tired of the brain dead zombies running this country have often fled north to Canada - but nobody has made a literal film about escaping the good ol American Zombie threat by fleeing to Canada before, but it looks like that's going to change with Romero's follow-up zombie epic to LAND OF THE DEAD. Now, the film isn't officially called ROAD OF THE DEAD - but goddamnit, it sure as hell ought to be called ROAD OF THE DEAD. Now, I know - LAND OF THE DEAD didn't set the box office world aflame - but due to tremendously good performances of the film in Europe and Japan... as well as home video/DVD - it looks like FOCUS / ROGUE PICTURES is gearing up to make, quickly, the next adventure in the Romero Zombie world! AWESOME! So - when last we saw our heroes/survivors/us... we were headed to Canada firing off fireworks in DEAD RECKONING - that badass Damnation Alley mobile. That's gotta be a gas hog, and filling it up has gotta be a pain. And - how is Canada any better than here? Don't they got Zombies? And the cool temps would probably preserve them better. Will we get Zombie MacKenzie Brothers? The subtext of fleeing America would be interesting political fodder for Romero to be playing with, but I'm just curious how he makes a Zombie Road movie, eh? Anyway - here's the source for all this speculation:

Hi Harry

Here's a quickie from the guys over at EmpireOnline. Looks like us Europeans loved Land of the Dead so much George has got number 5 on his mind!

Here's the link:



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