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The `Herc Curse' Catches Up With Sydney Bristow!! ABC Ditches ALIAS!!

I am – Hercules!!

For its first year and a half, “Alias” was one of the greatest TV series ever forged. Now we learn that in May 2006, the same month J.J. Abrams’ big-screen directorial debut arrives in cinemas, the last of Sydney Bristow’s many adventures will air on ABC.

Will we learn at last why we always entered the foreign cities Syd visited through a letter in that city’s name?

Look! A press release!


“Alias” will end its five-season run in May 2006, it was announced today by Stephen McPherson, president, ABC Entertainment.

The spy drama, which over the course of its run has garnered seven Emmy Awards, stars Jennifer Garner in her 2002 Golden Globe Award-winning role as CIA agent Sydney Bristow.

“Right out of the box, ‘Alias’ attracted a cult following of fans that were completely invested in the show,” Mr. McPherson said. “J.J. Abrams and his team developed characters that were compelling and storylines that were intricate and engaging, and Jennifer and the rest of the cast brought them to life. We owe both the storytellers and the fans a send-off worthy of a show that has been such a big part of the pop culture vernacular. J.J., Jeff Pinkner, Ken Olin, Jesse Alexander and Jeffrey Bell have an amazing story arc planned for the remainder of the season. ‘Alias’ is not going to wind down as it comes to an end, it’s going to rev up, and we’re going to make it the event it deserves to be.”

Added Mark Pedowitz, president, Touchstone Television: “’Alias’ has sustained its identity as a critical favorite because J.J. Abrams and everyone involved in this series set the bar for quality entertainment. We have been honored to work with them all, especially Jennifer Garner, who has our eternal admiration and appreciation for her dedication to the role and unarguably the best demeanor in the business.”

“Alias” executive producer Jeff Pinkner added: “This news, and its timing, is a mixed-blessing. Though we’re obviously very saddened to face the reality that ‘Alias’ is coming to an end, the lasting quality of every good story is determined by its conclusion—this news gives us the freedom to end the series in the climactic way it deserves.”

“Five years ago J.J. Abrams designed ‘Alias’ to encompass a unique and challenging blend of spy-adventure, family drama and love story that contained deeper mythological elements,” he continued. “The arc we have planned for the remainder of the season will honor all of these disparate elements, as we wrap up the story of Sydney Bristow in a surprising and, we think, thrilling way.”

“J.J., and all of us here feel blessed by our fans, the brilliant cast we’ve been fortunate to work with, our amazing crew and the support of Touchstone and ABC.”

“Alias” stars Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, Victor Garber as Jack Bristow, Ron Rifkin as Arvin Sloane, Carl Lumbly as Marcus Dixon, Kevin Weisman as Marshall Flinkman, Balthazar Getty as Thomas Grace, Rachel Nichols as Rachel Gibson and Élodie Bouchez as Renée Rienne.

“Alias” was created by J.J. Abrams, who executive-produces the series along with Ken Olin, Jeff Pinkner, Jesse Alexander and Jeffrey Bell. The series, which is filmed in Los Angeles and premiered on September 30, 2001, is from Touchstone Television.

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