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AICN has the exclusive premiere to the new V FOR VENDETTA One Sheet!!! Damn It Rules!

Hey folks, Harry here... with a very old school very post WWI but pre WWII German expressionistic poster design for V FOR VENDETTA - and now this is what a Alan Moore film One Sheet is supposed to look like. Right? Style, history, mystery and awe all wrapped up in a poster that is more than just filmic propaganda, but striking powerful composition and imagery. I dig the hell out of this poster, don't you? It's nice, but I think it is odd that I get to debut this poster on the same day that the German Expressionistic Sci Fi Masterpiece of Poster Art for Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS set the world record for highest price ever paid for a movie poster: Click Here For the Story! Well, here's that V FOR VENDETTA poster:

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