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SPIDER-MAN 3 shooting!

Hey folks, Harry here with a tiny little report that drops the bead on the where and what of SPIDER-MAN 3's shooting. Masheen81 is reporting this second hand, but my bet is he's dead on. I remember when we heard about the early shooting on SPIDEY 2, folks thought it was for a teaser trailer, me included. Word was going around it was just some tests. Wound up being a fucking fantastic sequence, one of the best in film effects history. Wonder what this will turn into someday. Tear gas eh?

Hey Harry

My friend in Los Angeles said that Spider-Man 3 has already begun shooting second unit photog, specifically near spring and 5th. Much like when Spider-Man 2 was filming in November 2002 in Chicago on the train tracks [for plates], that scene had to be filmed at the forefront because it was the centerpiece of the movie and took the ENTIRE production, from filming all the way to post, to finish animaitng. I assume the same is for here but nothing major is going on at the moment. Just some cops and SWAT teams firing gas grenades at a building. Some Daily Bugle paper machines scattered throughout the streets and some fake subway stations. Most of the shooting he said was done at night. No words on Flint Marko or Mr. Brock showing up. He said it looks kind of like the area where Madison Square Garden/Penn Station is. When he emails me the pics I'll send em.


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