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KING KONG smashes through Russia! Sweet poster art here! Plus James Newton Howard on the new diary!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some absolutely gorgeous foreign posters for KING KONG. Why is it that 99 times out of a 100 US posters look lame compared to foreign (be they UK quads, Italian, Polish, German and, in this case, Russian)? Oh well, at least we got that sweet Kong Holding Ann Empire cover as a banner and the great UK quad art as giant theater standees.

This movie can not get here fast enough. I especially love the second poster below. Fans of KING KONG know what just happened before and what is about to happen after that still shot. I'm finding that of the stills released, the ones I love the most aren't action Kong, but the ones that really show his character, his soul. That's what I love about that new trailer so much. In that trailer he ceased to be a big CGI gorilla and became KING KONG. You can see a soul in that creature and if that was missing then Peter Jackson's movie would be in a major nose dive with no chance of the engines kicking back in.

Thanks to the folks at for sharing these beauties! eBay here I come!!! When you're through checking out the below images, CLICK HERE TO GO SEE JAMES NEWTON HOWARD score the film and hear some of his score!!

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