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Spielberg speaks at USC! Updates on INDY 4, JURASSIC PARK 4 and a remake of one of his own films!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some news from the lips of one Mr. Steven Spielberg from a talk he gave at USC. We had a couple spies in the audience and we gleaned some interesting tidbits... First up comes from Marty McSkywalker who sent in a report that covered the same ground as the next report, but in less detail. However, he did catch this one tidbit about Spielberg's desire to remake one of his early films... Can you guess which it is? Read below to find out!!!

Spielberg also talked about how Hitchcock, John Ford, and other directors did remakes of their own pictures. Spielberg mentioned that he, too, is interested in someday remaking one of his own films: The Sugarland Express.

SUGARLAND EXPRESS! Does that mean Spielberg might be coming back to Austin-area to shoot? I love SUGARLAND for Goldie Hawn and William Atherton ("Yes, it's true. This man has no dick... Well, that's what I heard!!!")'s performances, but of all his early films I have no problem with him remaking that. As long as he leaves DUEL (even though it's a TV movie, it has an energy that couldn't be replicated due to the intense, and almost inhuman, shooting schedule they had), JAWS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS alone. Although, if he really wanted to remake a flawed early movie, how about SOMETHING EVIL? I can just see the floaty red eyes in a jar all badass and CGI and cool...

This following report has the goods on everything Spielberg (yet, no mention of the Lincoln project), including the real status on INDY 4, possible 3-D, JP4, MUNICH and THE PACIFIC. Enjoy!!!

Hi there Harry, I've been a visitor of your site for a while and last night I had the opportunity to engage in a Q & A with Steven Spielberg at USC. He touched base on Munich, Indy 4, Jurassic Park 4, 3-D technology, The Pacific, and more. I'll take these subjects one at a time:

MUNICH- He said that John Williams had just started recording the score for Munich yesterday, November 9th, and that he spoke confidently about having it being finished by November 30th. One of my classmates was even bold enough to ask about a potential screening for the class, and Spielberg seemed pretty excited about that possibility. He also said that he did no storyboarding on Munich (he's known for not storyboarding his more personal films) and that he only slept 4 hours a night during shooting, not only because of long days, but because the subject matter refused to let him sleep. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really excited about this one.

INDY 4- Remember a while back when Rick McCallum said that the script for Indy 4 was virutally finished? Well, that doesn't seem to be so. Spielberg said last night that George Lucas is still working on the script with another writer and that Spielberg and Harrison Ford don't really know what is being done to the script.

JURASSIC PARK 4- Spielberg commented on a scene in The Lost World novel that was not included in the movie involving characters on motorcycles outrunning raptors and regretted it not being in The Lost World movie. However, he also said that "that scene IS in Jurassic Park 4."

3-D TECHNOLOGY- There was a recent online article about some new 3-D technology that said that Spielberg was developing some secret technology. Spielberg debunked this rumor. He said that Lucas was developing the 3-D technology and wanted to use it through Spielberg for Indy 4. He commented on the failed attempt at 3-D in the 50's as a way of competing with television and compared it to the current box office situation. He also said that he didn't like the idea of virtually immersing a viewer in a world because he feels it loses the art.

THE PACIFIC- Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are working together on a new HBO miniseries set during World War II, but this time around, it's going to be about the war in the Pacific.

If you use this, you can call me Blue Man For Less Green.

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