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Latino Review Gets The First Peek At The HALO Script!!

Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

El Mayimbe is a very, very sneaky man, and today, he’s scored a pretty big coup. Check this out...


Nice scoop, guys. Keep up all your good work.

"Moriarty" out.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... I'm too big of a HALO nut to let this story go up and not give my two cents. I'll keep my musings fairly spoiler-lite and promise to not get too long winded...

First of all, I like it. I like that it seems to follow the first game pretty closely. I've always been a fan of the plot structure, with Master Chief waking up during the invasion of his ship, the Pillar of Autumn, that he has to jump into action right away... the eventual landing on Halo, the regrouping with the survivors, the discovery of what the Halo holds... It's a thrilling story.

I like opening with The Reach battle that isn't in the game, but has been told in the books. I think it might look a little ridiculous having hundreds of Master Chiefs running around, but I love the action beats mentioned, like the first time we see a sticky (ie plasma) grenade. Actually, thinking about it... this almost sounds like a good idea for an opening for the sequel. It might be too much for non-fans to take in at once.

Also, I'm not quite sure if I like it as a cryodream that Master Chief has... I'd almost rather it be a pre-title opening battle to really take the audience's breath away. Depends on how they film it, I guess.

I love the way Master Chief handles his weapons, how he takes out the enemies, etc. Sounds like they really captured the game!

However, there are some jokey moments and things mentioned that really set the alarm bells ringing. I hate the idea of "Nothing personal" printed on the pistol that Master Chief uses. I realize it comes from another soldier, but it's still stupid and the kind of thing I would worry about Paul WS Anderson or his retarded evil twin putting in a movie like this.

But, not to sound like super negative man, I think it sounds like an epic piece of escapist cinema and a true adaptation of the game series that is more successful than most movies. So much of how this movie will turn out is in the hands of whomever is picked as director. I hope it's someone we can all get behind. No matter what, I'm drooling at the thought of Master Chief's Weta-built armor and the thought of Weta bringing the Covenant to life. What do you guys think of it all?

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