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Oliver Stone's 9/11 movie has started filming in NYC!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with an update on that 9/11 Oliver Stone flick. The filmmakers have begun talking about how the film will be handled and Stone has started his location filming in New York City. The film (which might be called simply SEPTEMBER if the whispers that have reached my ears are correct) stars Nicolas Cage as one of two policemen that survived the collapse of the twin towers. The producers say they will film the actual collapsing scenes in LA as to not upset the New Yorkers. There's also a desire by the producers to let the people know that this isn't the "Towering Inferno-Titanic version" of the 9/11 events. All I know is when Oliver Stone is on, he's a fucking master and this material is still incredibly powerful. What do you folks think?

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