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AICN EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! The Official KING KONG Teaser Poster In The United States... For Real!

Hey folks, Harry here... We've kinda been going back and forth between this and the Kong holding Ann on the top of the Empire State Building as being the teaser one sheet. BUT... Well, this is the one that won out. I've included a really big version so you folks can get a look see as all the crud in Kong's fur. Personally, I'm looking for the roll of Lifesavers. This is the poster the fellow at SHOWEAST saw, but apparently didn't photograph - whereas he photographed the big Vinyl 3-sheet. This came from UNIVERSAL as being THE OFFICIAL ONE SHEET TEASER - so here ya go... Click on it to see it really really big. I guess they wanted Kong on their King Kong Poster. Quint says the plan is to have 4 different KONG posters. I'd really like one poster that emulated that stone lithography look of the 1930s... but that's probably just me.

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