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Behind the Scenes of what FOX seems to think is the next big Fantasy Blockbuster... ERAGON

Hey folks, Harry here... I have to admit, I really don't know a red cent about the literary universe of ERAGON and its related novel(s). I do know that it apparently has a significant fan base, and certainly 20th Century Fox seems to want this to be the next HARRY POTTER or LORD OF THE RINGS (in terms of success) The director is a first time director, ex-visual fx guy with impressive effects history. The designer for the dragons is Patrick Tatopoulos - who isn't known for designing brilliant looking fire-breathing lizards. And personally the dragons on the cover of the books, just looks like a malformed potato with eyes. But apparently this is a Dragon-Rider story - now in that realm, I've always been a big fan of the DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN series... ILM is handling Visual Effects.

However, FOX has released an early behind the scenes look at this film coming December 15th of 2006, so of course there's no effects finished - and they are probably still evolving the look of their dragons. But damn if this behind the scenes just looked kinda funky. Now - there isn't much more that you can judge than costume designs on main characters and frankly - the particular set of costumes they showed are completely unexciting. Some of the artwork looks nifty and cool - but this first behind the scenes didn't particular get me excited. I'm actually curious about what you folks that like and know the world of ERAGON think of this preview - cuz at least it would be more juicy for you, hopefully - so just talkback below and let's see what all of y'all think. Remember, this is very very very early, they've got a year + some to go, and apparently it is a very fx heavy film. Here's the Behind The Scenes!!!

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