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The Weinsteins fork out a huge tuition to attend KUNG FU HIGH SCHOOL!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some interesting news on the Weinstein front. It seems they have already dug into their near $500 million pocketbook and forked out 7 figures here and high 6 figures there to own the rights to an upcoming novel called KUNG FU HIGH SCHOOL by Ryan Gattis (he gets the 7 figures). They have Ernesto Foronda (wrote BETTER LUCK TOMORROW and is writing the OLDBOY remake) writing the adaptation. I don't think I was alone in thinking of VOLCANO HIGH when I heard this, but then I looked up some summaries of the book. This one is from Publisher's Weekly (Looks to be some major spoilers in this, so read at your own discretion):

The student body of the titular high school is armed, girded with armor and versed in martial arts in this ultraviolent, dystopian debut novel from Gattis, the spawn of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Cormier. With a corrupt, ineffectual administration, Kung Fu High has become a prisonlike society ruled by gangs and neglected by the law. The novel's teenage warrior narrator, Jen B., tells the story of her cousin Jimmy Chang, a world champion martial artist and hero to his peers who vows to his mother that he'll never fight again after he's arrested for drubbing a band of thugs. But Jimmy faces a brutal initiation ritual when he transfers to Kung Fu High, a beating he takes without resistance until Jen's brother, Cue, attacks Jimmy's tormenters. Cue, in turn, is murdered, and Jen must negotiate complex school politics while fighting for survival and trying to avenge her brother's death. Jimmy, her only trusted ally, must break his pacifist vow or see his cousin destroyed. With clinical detachment, Gattis splashes graphic descriptions of violence and gore throughout the novel. The " 'gangbanger' Armageddon" final chapters of this story may feel predictable, but the martial arts mayhem is as detailed and balletic as a John Woo movie.

Sounds a little more hard-core than VOLCANO HIGH, a movie I liked, but I must admit to being frustrated by the hero never doing anything until the very end of the movie. I'm curious to see how this one turns out. The Weinsteins obviously think it's a huge movie. Has anyone out there read this? Let me know what you think in the talkback below!

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