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THE CREATURE returns! BLACK LAGOON remake gets a director!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with news of the moment. SAHARA's Breck Eisner has been announced as directing THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON from a script by Gary Ross (whose father wrote the original 1954 film). Eisner (whose father smeared feces on Uncle Walt's portrait in Disney HQ) seems like a really nice guy. I've heard good things about him. I never did see SAHARA, so I have no idea if he's right for this film, but I will say that this one's all about the tone. While not my favorite Universal Monster (I prefer both Frankenstein and The Wolf Man) there was a creepiness to the original that surpassed the other Universal monsters, particularly that great underwater shot of the girl swimming on the surface while the creature followed below, looking up. Harry knows and loves the original film more than I do, so I wouldn't be surprised if he pops in to give his two cents on this revelation. Good luck Gary Ross, Breck Eisner and the crew. You got some mighty big flippers to fill.

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