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FANTASTIC FEST announces Jury & Audience Awards for the Fest!

Hey folks, Harry here with the winners of the Jury and the Audience Awards at this year's FANTASTIC FEST. So - you want to hear what the absolute cream of the crop was? Who gave the performances we were buzzing about? Well here ya go... I'm actually really surprised that Eli won the Audience Award for Director, he totally deserved it, but he couldn't be here at the fest, due to his predilection for cock rings at those Sitges Beaches. (Long Story) And Gulager was so well loved by the fest for his post film chatter and just what all that guy had to go through to make his film. But like I said, you'll probably agree with the audience once you see HOSTEL. The only award I wish was here, was "FILM MOST DESERVING OF WORLD WIDE DISTRIBUTION: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DORKS" You see, it may not be the best film in terms of dramatics or genre... but this film would DEFINITELY catch a cool cult audience if handled correctly. It really is that cool. Anyway - here's how the votes measured up. Can't wait for next year!

Fantastic Fest Winners Announced


Best Film :: Dark Hours

Best Director :: John Gulager, Feast

Best Screenplay :: Eli Roth, Hostel

Best Actor :: John Jarratt, Wolf Creek

Best Actress :: Kate Greenhouse, Dark Hours

Best Supporting Actor :: Jack Taylor, The Birthday

Best Supporting Actress :: Opal, P


Best film:

1) Hostel
2) Strings
3) Dark Hours

Best Director:

1) Eli Roth, Hostel
2) Anders Rønnow-Klarlund, Strings
3) Eugenio Mira, The Birthday

Best Screenplay

1) Dark Hours
2) Feast
3) Hostel

Best Actor

1) John Jarratt, Wolf Creek
2) Corey Feldman, The Birthday
3) Brad Dourif, The Wild Blue Yonder

Best Actress

1) Kate Greenhouse, Dark Hours
2) Holly Hunter, The Big White
3) Cassandra Magrath, Wolf Creek

Best Supporting Actor

1) Tim Blake Nelson, The Big White
2) Thomas Schmieder, Night of the Living Dorks
3) Derek Richardson, Hostel

Best Supporting Actress

1) Eileen Ryan, Feast
2) Alison Lohman, The Big White
3) Collien Fernandes, Night of the Living Dorks

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