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KING KONG - getting leaner, meaner and older?

Hey folks, Harry here... If you're a Kongphile like myself, then you're probably frequenting multiple times a day, subscribed to the Yahoo Kong Fan group, and maybe you're hitting Ebay with an insane frequency searching for the latest cool Kong stuff. This isn't anything new for me. This site's background has been Kong since the day after 9/11, the reason... the original 1933 film is my favorite film of all time. That has been the case since I was a little boy and it has consistently alternated with Errol Flynn's THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD ever since.

I absolutely love all this new Kong stuff. I'm dying to play UbiSoft's game, the online trailers for it give me chills - and I don't play video games... but I will play this one. I'm getting the KING KONG Chase Mastercard, cuz... well I'm just that pathetic. I've never had a Star Wars or a Star Trek or Disney Credit Card - but Kong pushes the right buttons. Having said that - there have been little things about King Kong's new look that I wasn't fond of. I thought the wonky tooth was a bit lame. I thought that it gave him a goofy look. I thought his face was a little puffy. Well... I just got sent a pic from Quint that originated from a Sci Fi magazine that was then taken by KongIsKing message boarders to create a compare and contrast side by side that is pretty fucking cool. Here, take a look:

Notice the smaller eyes, the leaner more hardened face and the greyer and more wrinkled face. Personally I feel this face is just full of character. How about you?

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