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Newest BATMAN rumor: Batman to face off against... Batman?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the newest rumor to circulate about The Joker in the BATMAN BEGINS. It's popped up on Dark Horizons that none other than Michael Keaton is now in the running for The Joker. This is a splendid idea... however, I'm not totally buying it. We got this email, too, but to me it sounded like a regurgitation of our own talkback on the Lachy Hulme in the running article from almost a month ago, so I didn't run it.

The talkback was posted by "YackBacker" on September 20th at 07:22:10AM CST and stated "Batman... you're my... DENSITY, uhhh destiny!" Body being: "I'm cool with Glover. Michael Keaton would also be fucking inspired." There may have been a mention of this idea before that that I missed, but there it is.

Like I said, I love the idea of Keaton as The Joker. Love it quite a bit, actually, but keep in mind this is a big, mega fat rumor that very well may have started in our own den of sin. What do you folks think of this rumor?

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