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The feature animation world just got a helluva lot cooler! Tartakovsky is on his way!

Ahoy, folks! Quint here and boy do I have some good news for you animation fans. I'm a slobbering fool for Tartakovsky's CLONE WARS 'toons. I think he captured the awe and majesty of the STAR WARS universe better than Lucas did in the prequels and any fan of SAMURAI JACK can tell ya' this guy's a little loopy, in a good way. It seems he has just signed a five-picture deal with Orphanage Animation Studios for animated features in the $50-$70 million range. The plan is to release the first flick by early '08 at the latest. It looks like this animation house is independent of a studio. That could be great news (reduced chances of recycled studio formulas) or bad news (no distribution). No matter what, it's good news that Genndy Tartakovsky is attacking the feature film world finally! What say you?

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