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Adam Rifkin doing the next Burnt Orange flick, HOMO ERECTUS... huh-huh... 'Erectus'...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with bit of news on the new flick coming out of the Austin production company, Burnt Orange Productions. And let's get it all out now. I guarantee you this will be the most talked about comedy title of the year. HOMO ERECTUS. Go ahead and have your fun. HOMO and ERECTUS are both funny words, but together they become something else entirely. I had my fun in the headline, recalling the mid-90s, the period right after all the kids stopped saying "Yeah, and a monkey might fly out of my butt!" and started in on the Beavis and Butt-head-isms.

I really love Rifkin's writing on MOUSE HUNT and I'm in the minority that loved Dante's SMALL SOLDIERS. I'm also a really big fan of his DETROIT ROCK CITY. "From the director of DETROIT ROCK CITY comes... HOMO ERECTUS!" Got a ring to it, don't it? The below is the summary from Hollywood Reporter's story. Now I'm gonna go call Roland Emmerich and warn him of this competing caveman movie! "10,000 B.C. is in trouble! HOMO ERECTUS is coming and coming fast!"

Adam Rifkin will write, direct and star in "Homo Erectus," a comedy set in prehistoric times. Brad Wyman and Carolyn Pfeiffer will produce the tentatively titled picture, and Burnt Orange Prods. will provide financing. Described as being in the vein of Woody Allen's "Bananas" and "Sleeper," "Homo Erectus" centers on Ishbo, a philosophical caveman who yearns for more out of life than sticks, stones and raw meat. The rest of his tribe write off his forward-thinking ideas as the ravings of an idiot, including the cavegirl he loves from afar. Tom Schatz will executive produce. Casting has already begun in Los Angeles and Austin.

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