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Nicholas Cage out geeks Moriarty. Toshiro Lucas weeps!

Hey folks, Harry here... now admittedly - it's a slow news day, and usually I'd be running for the hills at a "celebrity" birth announcement - but... well, this is just too cool not to comment on. I remember when I announced that Moriarty went and named his kid Toshiro Lucas - that many thought that the name had jumped the tracks of geekness. Others, correctly, celebrated it as the great name that it is. BTW - when you talk to Moriarty on the phone now - there's always this strange quasi-human noise in the background moaning like an infant Uruk Hai. Anyways... This isn't about Moriarty... this is about Nicholas Cage.

Nick has just finished his first comic book character role. He took his professional name that is his name now from a comic book - and... well there's never really been a doubt that Cage was geek through and through... but today... the geek jumped the track and flew into the heavens of geek cool. You see, Nicholas Cage just had a boy today - and he named the kid...


You can read all about it here! Personally - this makes me love the man more, I just hope GHOST RIDER rocks hard!

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