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Regarding HALO... let's stop this ridiculous rumor before it really starts, eh'

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... Now I'm going to try to keep myself from going on a rant with this one, but I can see this rumor is already starting to creep around the internet...


This rumor started when someone (I wouldn't be suprised if it was Dr. Boll himself trying to drum up some publicity) submitted Uwe Boll as director for HALO (2007) on IMDB. I thought, surely everybody knows that any old person can post any ridiculous thing on IMDB that they want, so I didn't bother posting anything on this rumor a few days ago... Now it's starting to get picked up on some foreign movie rumor sites... Next thing you know it'll be sent as fact to some of the big outlets and Boll's name will taint the project for a while.

Just remember that Boll's THEATRICAL track record is abysmal. BLOODRAYNE wasn't touched by a studio and is now being released by Billy Zane himself... and is there any doubt that the $65 million budgeted DUNGEON SIEGE won't come close to making its money back, even if Jason Statham's movies are doing well right now?

Microsoft and Bungie are too protective of their sugar daddy big moneymaker to let Mr. HOUSE OF THE DEAD take the reins. Universal, 20th Century Fox, Microsoft and Bungie are too smart to let that happen. I've got my ear to the ground on this project, being a huge HALO fan and one that believes a really fun and really badass movie could be made from the story. I also believe the design of the game lends itself to a theatrical adaptation. Lord knows it can be done wrong, but that's true of any adaptation, wouldn't you say?


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